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Industry Case
Milling Industry

In order to solve the variety of separation tasks in food applications, the top sieve specially designed and produced a number of filtration and screening products. Mainly divided into GG, XX, XXX, metal mesh and other series products. 

The product material range includes PET (polyester, polyester), PA (nylon, nylon) and metal mesh. It is mainly used in the entrance and exit of all kinds of tall flat screen mesh cloth, and is also used in the connection between the powder cleaning machine and the cleaning machine. It is also widely used in centrifuges, such as biosciences, pharmaceuticals (API, insulin and oncology) and fine chemicals requiring high purity and closed filtration systems, as well as in food (starch and cassava powder) and the environment (FGD and gypsum).

Milling Industry

Stainless steel mesh belt due to its good load-bearing capacity, smooth operation characteristics, can be used in large-scale construction projects, such as gravel conveying, cement slurry conveying, a variety of plate conveying projects.

Product Feature

Smooth transmission, small transmission torque

The mesh surface is tough and durable, not easy to deform

The mesh is clean, non-toxic and easy to clean

Extremely convenient for maintenance and disassembly.